Destination Master Plans

A tourism master plan is the roadmap for destination success. It is a crucial first step that will address three important questions: “Where are we?” “Where do we want to go?” “How do we get there?”

Tourism is now commonly viewed not only as a major source of employment, but also as a tool for conservation and a catalyst for urban and rural regeneration. World Tourism Forum assists destinations approach this fragmented industry through undertaking a strategic tourism master plan.

World Tourism Forum’s goal is to contribute to improving the destinations’ profitability and their long-term sustainability through innovative tourism master plans, improving their competitiveness, creating partnerships and engages the public and private sectors to encourage their participation and commitment to achieve a shared vision for the destination. The master planning process will secure local buy-in, define the actionable steps needed to achieve common goals, and provide you with the ability to track results and adapt to.

At the end of our comprehensive process, destinations will have a 5-year strategic vision, strategy, and action plan for developing tourism in a sustainable manner for the benefit of local residents, investors, and tourism operators.

What to Expect

Destination Assessment – A comprehensive assessment of the destination brand, attractions, product quality, and a thorough assessment of tourism’s enabling environment and policies

Destination Vision – A shared view of the destination’s desired qualities in the long-term

Focus on Demand – Analysis of visitation levels and travel habits to and within the destination among important niche traveler segments

Visitation Goals and Sales Targets – Targets for visitor arrivals in the short-term and long-term delineated by visitor profile

Product Development Action Plan – Approach for the creation or improvement of tours, lodging, attractions, events, and visitor services that can enhance the visitor experience. Includes opportunities to attract investment

Marketing Goals and Opportunities – Strategies to increase awareness among target markets, driving sales, and reaching visitation goals

Monitoring and Evaluation Plan – Key performance indicators with time bound targets and a methodology to collect the data to analyze the success of all destination initiatives

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