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World Tourism Forum, President

Bulut Bağcı

Bulut Bağcı is the founder of LinkLine Group, the President of Executive Board of World Tourism Forum and the President of Executive Board of the Association of Young Tourism Leaders.He is a member of other multiple non-executive boards and is often invited as a guest speaker to various international events and conferences.

He graduated from Tourism Administration department at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul in 2009. He earned a degree from Harvard Business School Summer course in Branding as of 2011.He has had more than 8 years of work experience in many non-governmental organizations both in national and international arena and over 10 years of experience in tourism industry.In 2008 he established the Association of Young Tourism Leaders and has been the President of the Executive Board for up to 6 years.

World Young Tourism Leaders is a dynamic, diverse, global community of the world’s most outstanding, next-generation leaders, who commit a portion of their time to jointly share a better future and thereby improve the tourism sector in the world. World Young Tourism Leaders represent the future of leadership, coming from all regions of the world and representing business, government, civil society, arts and culture, academia and media, as well as social entrepreneurs in Tourism Sector.

In 2012 he founded LinkLine Group, which brings a new vision by its creative approach and cutting-edge solutions in events organization. The company was chosen to organize a lot of world summits and events, such as International Sports Summit, Istanbul in March 2013; International Travel Trends Summit in October 2012 and International Travel Technologies Summit in April 2013.

In 2015 he was the main initiator of establishment of World Tourism Forum, a platform, which brings together world tourism leaders and tourism industry representatives in forum’s regional and annual meetings to set the future of world tourism industry, its new trends and policies.