CEO, Denizbank

Hakan Ateş


Born in 1959, Mr. Ateş graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration after completing his studies at TED Ankara College. He started his banking career in 1981 as Internal Auditor at İşbank. Following various positions at various Interbank departments from 1986 to 1993, he worked as Branch Manager at Elmadağ, Şişli, Bakırköy, İzmir and Central Branches. He established Interbank’s Cash Management System and was promoted in 1993 as Executive Vice President responsible for Central Operations. Mr. Ateş worked as Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs and Operations at Bank’s Express between 1994 and 1996 and led the bank’s restructuring project with Bank of America. He established Garanti Bank Moscow in Russia and worked as CEO for one year starting from June 1996. He has continued his duties as President & CEO at DenizBank, where he started in June 1997 as the Founder President. During his management tenure, DenizBank shares were publicly listed in October 2004 and 5.5 times oversubscribed and 68% was sold to institutional clients abroad. His management also ran the process of selling 75% of Zorlu Holding DenizBank shares to Dexia S.A. in May 2006 as well as the sales process of 99.85% of DenizBank shares to Sberbank six years later in June 2012. Hakan ATEŞ is also Chairman of the Board of Directors at DenizBank subsidiaries Deniz Yatırım Securities, Intertech, Destek Asset Management and DenizBank Moscow and the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at DenizBank AG.

As DenizBank, while working towards the contribution to stable and sustainable development of our country, we give importance to all niche sectors that accelerate our economic growth and contribute to the strengthening of Turkish companies, their sectors and the Turkish economy on the long term by the financing and efficiency tools we provide in this sense. Believing that agriculture is one of the key sectors to carry our country towards sustainable future, we are providing our resources so that our farmers can make more efficient and economic production. Currently, we are proud to be the leader among private banks in this much untapped field when we first took our steps in terms of Turkish banking sector.

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