World Tourism Forum


Established under Bulut Bağcı’s leadership in 2014, the World Tourism Forum is an organization with global aspirations. Therefore, it disperses its events into the world’s different regions.


  • Global thinking with an amateur spirit…
  • We are absolutely a success-oriented organization which maintains long-established relations with tourism leaders around the world.
  • Our corporate culture involves serving world tourism in our every initiative.
  • World Tourism Forum’s leadership and employees have considerable experience in their respective areas.

Goals and Objectives

  • To share the World Tourism Forum’s vision with regional experts
  • To increase regions’ market share of international tourism
  • To convey next-generation consumer behavior models to participants
  • To share technological trends in the tourism industry
  • To deliver an international marketing vision to “glocal” companies


The World Tourism Forum aims to achieve its vision and long-term objectives by:

  • Providing a Global Meeting Place for the World Tourism Forum Participants
  • Designing Networking Opportunities
  • Organizing the World Tourism Forum Exhibition which aims to provide a trading platform for tourism businesses worldwide
  • Preparing reports, journals, and other publications to facilitate a better-informed decision-making process


The World Tourism Forum offers all its employees a transparent working environment that supports creativity and fosters team spirit. This environment is conducive to personal development, enable the internalization of corporate targets at every level and ensure an open platform to exchange ideas.

Enjoying an exhaustive activity area and multicultural structure, the World Tourism Forum provides its employees with a unique tourism career opportunity. Corporate loyalty and effective teamwork are the organization’s two most prominent characteristics. The employees’ qualifications add a distinct richness to the World Tourism Forum and ensure that its corporate targets are cross-checked with diverse professional backgrounds.

The World Tourism Forum employs candidates with strong human relations. The staff is open to multiculturalism and novelties. They focus on productivity by ensuring distribution of roles in a seamless manner. They value teamwork and continually support each other.

To receive more information and submit an application, please send an e-mail and your detailed CV to


The World Tourism Forum aspires to organize fully sustainable tourism events and believes that the best way to achieve this depends on acquiring a collaborative approach. To date, we have received incredible support from high-level public and business figures of the Republic of Turkey.
Republic of Turkey, President

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan