Welcome to the eGen Influencers event of the World Tourism Forum. Feel yourself more inspired than ever in a city which was once home to great empires of history. The eGen Influencers is open to digital influencers who strive to enhance their social and business networks in a city of crossroads.

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The event hosts tourism ministries from both the developed and developing countries, specifies policy requirements, generates solutions for the youth employment, and contributes to national economies.
CEOs from leading companies participate in the Global Meeting 2017 to better know each other and exchange opinions. A crucial event in the business world to promote new partnerships, the Tourism CEO Club encourages senior managers to share their insights regarding global tourism developments.
Tourism 20 is one of the annual sessions whereby tourism ministers from various countries with the potential to rank among the top 20 tourism nations attend. Highly important for the tourism industry leaders to share their concrete tourism plans, the Tourism 20 meeting is held in a round-table format.
Tourism is one of the industries benefiting from information technologies considerably. Communication activities now constitute one of the world’s most strategic elements. It is crystal clear that constant use of the same technologies cannot be sufficient to meet the requirements resulting from the tourism’s multi-dimensional structure. Such structure necessitates new breakthroughs and novel practices. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to meet with investors to showcase your tourism- and travel-focused initiatives and innovations.
World Tourism Awards is an international awards ceremony honoring tourism providers that seek excellence in their service offerings. At 2015 and 2016 World Tourism Awards ceremonies, we highlighted the best tourism industry companies in 35 categories. Considered as ‘the Oscars’ of the tourism industry, the World Tourism Awards takes place annually.

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Arab Tourism Awards is an annual tourism awards ceremony hosted by the World Tourism Forum recognizing excellence of service in the Arab region. A special international jury comes together to choose the worthy winners. The Arab Tourism Awards highlights the best service providers with special statuettes in 29 categories.
Our Asia Tourism Awards ceremony hosts both speakers and exclusive guests. The main purpose here is to let all guests witness excellence in Asian tourism industry. Our advisory board and our special jury select the winners.