Welcome to eGen Influencers event of World Tourism Forum. Feel yourself more inspired than ever in a city, where was once home to grand empires of history. eGen Influencers Event is open to digital influencers, looking to enhance their social and business networks in a city of intersections.

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Featuring the ministries of the developed and developing countries in terms of tourism, the meeting is to specify the types of policies needed, solutions for generating employment for the young, and contribution of tourism to national economies.

CEOs of top level companies participating in the Global Meeting 2017 will find an opportunity to get to know one another and exchange ideas. A crucial event in the business world to pro-mote new partnerships, the CEO Club encourages senior managers to share their ideas about the developments in the world tourism.

2017 Tourism 20 Istanbul Summit is one of the per annum sessions, where Ministries of Tourism from various countries with a potential to be among the largest 20 tourism industries in the world participate. The Tourism 20 meeting which will be held in a round table format is highly important for the leaders of the tourism industry in sharing their views and plans with regard to the development of the world tourism.

Among the industries largely facilitated by the information systems is the tourism industry, which is also one of the most strategic industries of the world. It is crystal clear that invariable innovations cannot be sufficient for meeting the requirements resulting from the tourism’s multi-dimensional structure. This structure craves new technologies and new ideas. For this reason, we present you the opportunity to meet with investors to exhibit your new technologies and initiatives in the fields of travel and tourism.

World Tourism Awards is an international awards ceremony to honor tourism service providers that are endavoring for superiority. In 2015 and 2016 World Tourism Awards ceremonies, we have highlighted the best tourism industry companies in 35 categories. World Tourism Awards, which is considered as the “Oscars” of tourism industry, is held once in a year in Istanbul.

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The Arabian Tourism Awards is an annual tourism awards ceremony hosted by World Tourism Forum to recognize excellence in in service in Arab region. Special international jury chooses the winners of the Arabian Tourism Awards. A statuette of Arabian Tourism Awards will be given to various category winners. Arabian Tourism Awards is highlighting the best service providers in 29 categories.

We host our summit speakers and exclusive guests in this special awards ceremony. In the Asia Tourism Awards Ceremony, our main purpose is to make all guests witness excellence in Asian tourism industry. Our Advisory Board and our special jury determine the Asia Tourism Awards.