The World Tourism Forum is a global organization holding tourism events in different parts of the world to further boost global tourism. It pays particular attention to the relationship between local and global tourism trends as well as strategies for more sustainable tourism growth. The Forum encourages the allocation of resources to a shared tourism vision. The young platform has been flourishing rapidly and already functions as a trendsetter in the industry.


We believe that the tourism industry’s challenges can be solved only through the engagement of all the stakeholders.

We focus on long-term global tourism solutions. We work day and night to move the tourism industry forward.

We Are Growing

The World Tourism Forum was established to fill a gap in the international tourism industry – all the stakeholders now view it as the globally unique tourism event enjoying steady growth on a year-to-year basis since its inception in 2014.

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Global Meeting 2017

Check out the gallery of our 2017 Global Meeting held in Istanbul.

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Meet the tourism industry’s leading players! Each speaker has a proven track record after spearheading major changes for a long time at an international level. Check out our speakers to find out about their commendable achievements!

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President, Republic of Turkey

With roots in Rize, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was born in Istanbul on February 26, 1954. He graduated from Kasımpaşa Piyale Primary School in 1965 and completed his high school education at Istanbul Imam Hatip School in 1973.

Jose Manuel Barroso

President, European Commission (2004-2014)

Jose Manuel Barroso is a Portuguese right-wing politician who was the 11th President of the European Commission, serving from 2004 to 2014.


Prime Minister, The Republic of Turkey

Binali Yıldırım born (20 December 1955) is a Turkish politician who is the 27th and current Prime Minister of Turkey and the leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) since May 2016.

Jack Straw

Former Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary under Prime Minister Tony Blair

John Whitaker Straw is a British politician who served as the Member of Parliament for Blackburn from 1979 to 2015.

DavId MIlIband

The President and Chief Executive – IRC

David Miliband is currently the President and Chief Executive of International Rescue Committee (IRC), the New York-based non-profit humanitarian organisation.

Rolf Schroemgens

Co-founder and Managing Director, Trivago

Rolf founded trivago and is responsible for the areas of Product, Marketing and International. He has been active as an internet entrepreneur since 1999.


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Check out our past and future conferences! The World Tourism Forum takes place four times a year in global centers around the world to bring world tourism leaders and industry representatives together.

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Destination Management

People travel for various reasons: to escape, explore, understand, and engage. However, the destination always lies at the core of the experience letting travelers indulge in memorable moments. Travelers, in return, keep them forever as well as share with others.


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We partner with many prominent organizations and companies around the world to bring about positive changes in global tourism and achieve our sustainability goals.

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